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Therapeutic Massage Therapy
 Therapeutic Massage -  Full-body with draping 75, one hour                                             
 (for special needs or questions please call Hannah 817.590.2257) $100, one and a half hours 


$130 two-hours
Reiki Therapy Sessions
 Reiki - clothed, hands-on  $75 one hour
 Animal Reiki - New offering please call Hannah for information 817.590.2257  
Bio-Field Therapy - Clothed only
 B.E.S.T. - Bio-Energetic Syncronization Technique
 $75. first intake, one hour
  $45. Additional follow-up, half hour
 Chakra (Energy Center) Balancing  $75 per hour
 Healing With Angels ® with documentation & phone consult $100 per session, 1 hour plus
 Transpersonal Hypnosis with consult and MP3 recording  $150 per session, 2 hours
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Did you know I offer an Introduction to Reiki practice through the Meetup system? You are welcome to visit my office for two evenings a month for our event called a Reiki share at no charge to you or your guests. Come and see what Reiki practice is all about! Meetup is free to join and our evenings are donation only.